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Epoxy Coatings

Are general purpose seamless non porous and non dusting floor finishes which provide good chemical resistance against most chemicals, mineral oils, acids and alkalis.

Installed to a wide range of thickness with a variety of surface textures and decorative finishes available. Manufactured in a high gloss finish and Matt finish if reflective glare needs to be reduced. These coatings are available in a wide range of colours and are solvent free. Non-slip versions of these paints can be used for pedestrian or traffic areas.

Typical areas of application are engineering and pharmaceutical industries, clean rooms, laboratories and hospitals. Packaging and storage areas, high technology and industrial use, warehouse subjected to light/medium use, manufacturing and assembly, automotive and aerospace

Epoxy coating project example

This floor was a brand new powerfloated concrete which had a high level of construction moisture and was a potential source of dust which could be a disaster for a jet plane. The client required a surface damp proof membrane and a tough epoxy coating to give a long life. Fastrack applied two coats of pigmented damp proof membrane and a top coat of high build epoxy. The results were fantastic, and two days later the client happily parked his jet in the hangar.

Jai Ganesh Painting Contractors will mechanically prepared the subfloor by grinding and shotblasting the concrete to provide a surface suitable for bonding to.


Jai Ganesh Painting Contractors will first primed with an epoxy damp proof membrane primer to seal in the residual construction moisture vapour. This was followed by two coats of high build epoxy coating.


Jai Ganesh Painting Contractors will completed the project within budget and under the scheduled time. Another satisfied customer.


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